• Suresmile Aligners

  • Digital records (optional)

    Initial Intraoral
    April 2008

    • Optical or CBCT scan is submitted to suresmile digital lab.
    • An initial digital model is created and returned to doctor.
    • Digital model allows simulation of treatment options to aid in diagnostic decisions.
    • suresmile simulations make it possible to plan tooth movements to achieve clinical goals with greater precision than ever.
  • Start treatment

    Scanning appointment
    July 2008

    • Patient bonded with the bracket system of doctor’s choice. There are in excess of 24,000 brackets in the suresmile digital library.
    • Achieve initial leveling, aligning and space closure with standard wires (3-6 months).
  • Digital scan

    Scanning appointment
    July 2008

    • Patient scanned 3-6 months after bonding to record bracket and tooth location.
    • Scan data can be captured from two sources: intraoral scanners and CBCT.
    • Scanned data sent to suresmile digital lab and a treatment model is created and returned for diagnosis and treatment planning.
  • Visualize, simulate, design.

    Digital treatment plan
    July 2008

    • Simulate different treatment options to aid in diagnostic decisions.
    • Send digital treatment plan or simulation to suresmile digital lab.
    • The digital lab will place the teeth in 3D based on the doctor’s plan.
    • Doctor assesses treatment options and establishes the final plan.
    • Doctor has the ability to order multiple cross-sections and archwire alloys.
    • suresmile’s precision robotic technology custom bends 1st, 2nd and 3rd order movements.
  • Custom Archwire Technology

  • Archwire blank in the suresmile laboratory before placement in the wire-bending machine.

  • Each archwire is individually inspected to ensure accuracy.

  • Archwires removed from wire-bending machine and electronically tracked for packaging and shipment.

  • Archwires delivered

    Archwires arrive at doctor’s office

    • The patient-specific wires are then shipped to the doctor’s office for delivery to the patient the next time they visit the practice.
    • suresmile archwires are more than the result of robotic technology bending a delicate wire; they are more appropriately described as a highly accurate representation of the treatment plan created by the orthodontist.
  • The power of suresmile

    Final Result
    August 2009

    • suresmile digital technology empowers orthodontists to plan, anticipate tooth movement and root position, and achieve consistently superior outcomes.